Verfasst von: Dennis K. | 17. Januar 2012

TdA – Racing Guide for Dummies 1.0

Just read Bryce Walsh’s tweet on racing in Egypt. It brought a big big smile on my face:

„The gamesmanship has begun. Rutiger snuck away early today and skipped lunch to win the stage.“

Here some advice if you really want to RACE TdA ALL THE WAY to Cape Town:

(1) Dont read this guide, apply for an interview with Paul Wolfe. He is a racer, he got the legs and knows the tricks
(2) Do not ask the Bram brothers for advice on tires, tubes, screws. They are experienced Tuktuk racers in India – their advice is of no help in Africa though. If you are really down and feel shitty, call them and ask them about stage 2.
(3) TdA is not an eating contest, get ready to skip lunch
(4) TdA is not a drinking contest either, skip the diplomat dives in Khartoum, racing with a hangover towards Dinder ain’t fun, you may get thirsty and need a cokestop
(5) Don’t get annoyed by lunch tricks, make friends and let them ride, lunch tricks are annoying in Egypt and Sudan, you will laugh at them in Ethiopia, if you notice a lunch trick in Kenya and still get annoyed you should immediately hand in your ibutton. TdA as a race is not for you.
(6) If you got the legs, win stage 2, get yourself the 30min bonus and wolfe the rest into Cape Town
(7) Do not take down your tent 3mins before they close the truck doors, the racers might be gone, so will be the trucks
(8) Do not race with Sherif and his Egyptian friends into Idfu, only Egyptians know how to shortcut a roundabout and dodge a Tuktuk and monkey at the speed of 50km/h you certainly do not and end up at Idfu hospital with no grace days left after the ferry
(9) Try to weigh in about 8kg above your ideal weight in Egypt, you will be just fine after Arba Minch
(10) Don’t bring Asprin with you, your racemates will, bring Cipro, bring a lot, if you dont feel right, take Cipro, if you feel great take Cipro too
(11) Do not shake hands in Ethiopia, try not to touch money bills in Ethiopia, pay all the bills in Egypt and Sudan and have your racemates pay the bills in Ethiopia
(12) If you read advice 12, you are really determined about racing TdA, you should NOT, race PBP, RAAM or Tortour and enjoy Africa, call Baastian and have him give you Ernas mobile number, she will tell you what racing in Africa is all about

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