Verfasst von: Dennis K. | 11. November 2013

5minutes of your time….

Dear family, dear friends, dear cycling buddies, hello everybody

I will keep it in English so I have got a little bit more „reach“ – as you all know the Philipines got hit by  SUPER-typhoon Haiyan to keep it in CNN terms. I have been a safe and sound 2000 something kilometers away from the immense devastation that took place in the town of Tacloban. We had a bad ass tropical rain on Friday and I do not want to imagine that rain being added  with 200miles/h gusts and flooding.

In my hometown of Duisburg I know a young couple – he is Bosnian, she is Philippine and they have a cute little daughter. Among all burocratic hassles ( I know what I am talking about – tried to get a Schengen Visum and failed this summer) I briefly got to know her mother who came to visit her grand daughter last year. Something all grandmothers love to do all over the world. She helped with the wash and even took care of the small little backyard so her granddaughter has a neat environment to grow up in. More to show anticipation than carried by real concern I wrote Emir H. a short email. Thats was his responds:

Hallo Herr K.,

der Ort meiner Frau (Daanbantayan, Cebu) ist direkt betroffen und durch den Wind stark zerstört, aber es gab glücklicherweise keine Flut wie in Tacloban, an der die meisten umgekommen. Durch Strom- und Telefonausfall haben wir noch keinen direkten Kontakt zur Familie, aber indirekt haben wir erfahren, dass alle wohl auf sind.

Vielen Dank von mir und meiner Frau, dass Sie an uns gedacht haben.

Emir H.

Basically it means in English:  The Typhoon directly hit and severely damaged the village of my wife. Luckily  the flooding was not as severe as it was in Tacloban which caused  most of the deaths there. Energy and communication are still down, we didn’t have contact with my family yet but learnt through other ways that everybody is safe and sound.

Most Western countries gave generously when the Tsunami hit Thailand, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and even Tanzania on the 2nd day of Christmas in 2004. Pls. don’t forget Philipines people this time – 10 Euros or 10 USD do make a great difference and -at least in my opinion- there is no doubt about the usefulness of FIRST AID.

Emir will probably be able to help his family in law himself, but there are plenty of lovely grandmothers and cute children out there.  Pls. think about it a minute and forward or act in some way. Thanksgiving is soon !

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