Verfasst von: Dennis K. | 20. November 2013

Phnom Penh – what a cool ride to start the day

I will keep this posting short – I hope the video will speak for it self. As I said before I had a pretty tough and rough start into this trip. I wanted to do some cycling (the plan was 225km) at the south coast close to he Kampot/Kep region. The plan shipwrecked awfully. I got sick out of the plane and broke my crank (actually I think I poorly mounted it) and managed to cycle just above 65km on the first day. Then a fever set in and I was hanging out at the resort most of the time. No worries the bike would have brought me nowhere.

When I got to Phnom Penh I had to localize a decent bike store which was easier than thought- I ended up with an Ultegra 10 speed „big guys crank“ at 53-39 that was mounted for 180 Euros. Hurts but at least the bike was ready to ride again.

So I decided to take it out in the city at 6am in the morning. This city ride turnt out to be one of my best  big city rides of my life. It was rather calm at 6am so I headed straight to the Psar Chas, a small local market known for its variety – THAT was a mayhem at 6:30 – it was so amazing ! From there I had a quick look onto the Royal Palace and the Independence Monument.

At around 8am the rush hour set in – THAT was so crazy but believe it or not easy to ride that I felt so giddy and was in an even flow… pure cycling heaven. Just 500m before I was back at the hotel some Khmer got to an hold right next to me and I managed to talk to him as he wore a Mekong Cycling Team Jersey. His name was Chan Thorn and he then invited me to breakfast, introduced me to his wife and showed me around his personal bike park where I discovered an all carbon $4000 Giant road bike, a Specialized Stumpjumper and a marvelous Klein in the heavenly „silver cloud“ paintwork.

As I learnt there are not even 30 guys on the Mekong Cycling Team and I met one of them…. CYCLING GOD is with me…. ENJOY and make sure to watch it in HD !

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