Verfasst von: Dennis K. | 8. Dezember 2013

No, Mr. Blatter, it is CYCLING that connects the world

Too funny, I expected a rather calm nite all by myself… went to an amazing Chinese food place… heard the word „CYCLING“ and instantly connected to this DUDE….

Alexsace and COUZI-COUJI

Alexsace and COUZI-COUJI

Alexsace just opened a pretty cool Hostel called „COUZI-COUJI“ in George Town on Lebuh Gereja and took some of his customers out for dinner. Erik, Nils and ? are some youngsters from Norway and Danmark who travel around the world. The FOOD was -once more!!- amazing. PORK, SHRIMP, SQUID, TOFU, MORNING GLORY (is that a veggie ?!?) you name it !!  Later on I had some beers at COUZI-COUJI…. DAMN, what happened that I am no longer 19 !

No longer 19 :-(

No longer 19 😦

On the way back to Campbell Street I walked across those cyclists… I will call them Leeds, Barca and Liverpool (for now).

Leeds, Barca and Liverpool

Leeds, Barca and Liverpool

Withing 10min. (!!) I walked through India, China and Malaysia and had a prayer at a Mosque, Hindu and Buddhist temple…. amazing !


Later on I even met a GERMAN GUY:

German Guy

German Guy

Cheers for now ! More pics and reports soon….


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